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Kleen Canada

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Your source for warewash and sustainable cleaning solutions



KLEEN CANADA is a division of Avmor Group, one of Canada’s leading suppliers of professional cleaning solutions servicing the Foodservice and Janitorial markets.

Both AVMOR and KLEEN CANADA are committed to a cleaner, safer more sustainable environment.

  • A one-stop resource for all your warewash and green cleaning solutions
  • A commitment to SERVICE and TRAINING…it’s all about complete peace of mind
  • Coast to coast coverage, a complete network of warewash service on demand
  • Sparkling results – premium quality warewash and cleaning products; state-of-the-art dishwashers and dispensing equipment
  • Green cleaning – Canada’s leading supplier of green cleaning solutions
  • Customized sanitation programs – Why go with a generic program when Kleen Canada will customize your sanitation program based on the specific needs of your foodservice facility
  • Smooth and transparent transition system – whether it is a multi-unit rollout or an independent operator transition, you now have a warewash supplier alternative that specializes in smooth and transparent transitions to customized warewash and cleaning solutions.